jeremyboardingSecurity guy.  Network guy.  Network security guy. OSI model enthusiast and lover of many things with wheels and a few things without.

When I’m not writing a blog entry that’s a thinly veiled reminder to myself how I did something, I’m usually falling down a mountain accompanied by either a snowboard or mountain bike as the season dictates.  Between emergency room visits; I try to attend cons, make friends, and talk about neat technical things.

I live in Salt Lake City, and I’m a founding member of DC801 and 801Labs – the premiere SLC hacker space.

WTF is a Sobit?
Nothing really.  It’s an acronym that loosely stands for “the Society of Beer and Information Technology”.  It was a user group some friends and I started that was eventually merged into DC801 (with the help of Metacortex).  I took the name as a handle when we started advertising all of our local events as DC801.

Contact Info
Relevant social media links can be found at the bottom of the page, or you can email me at sobit at sobit dot org.

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