SamuraiWTF compared with Kali Linux

I’ve spent the past few months playing with SamuraiWTF and I noticed a lot of overlap in the tools available between this distro and the most recent version of Kali Linux. I’m a big fan of using a single distro whenever possible, so I created this matrix to show which tools are installed on Samurai but missing on Kali. ┬áThe tool name links to the tool site so installing should be a piece of cake from there.

Tool Samurai Kali
Casefile x
Maltego x x
Recon-NG x
dig x x
fierce x x
host x x
nslookup x x
Whois x x
Profile Harvester
theharvester x
UsernameGen x
UserNameGenYahoo x
Creepy x x
SoapUI x
WSFuzzer x
nmap x x
ZAP x x
Zenmap x x
nikto x x
Burp x x
Paros x x
Spike x x
Harvestman x
HTTrack x
Scrapy x
W3C Link Checker x
WebCheck x
Grendel Scan x
Rat Proxy x
Skipfish x x
W3AF x x
Wapiti x x
WebShag x x
DaemonLogger x
Dsniff x x
TCPDump x x
Tshark x x
Wireshark x x
Curl x x
Hping 3 x x
Scapy x x
Wget x x
SSLScan x x
Cewl x x
FuzzDB x x
Raft x
SVNDigger x
Yokoso! x
Dirbuster x x
JbroFuzz x
Flare x
Flasm x x
Flawfinder x
Rats x
Webalizer x
WebDruid x
Metasploit x x
AjaxShell x
Laudanum x x
PHPShell x
SSLSniff x x
SSLStrip x x
SQLMap x x
BeEF x x
MonkeyFist x
John the Ripper x x
Hydra x x
Medusa x
ipython x x
PyCrust x x
XRCed x x
Geany x
Firefox x
Chromium x
Konqueror x
Iceweasel x
Browser Plugins
FoxyProxy x
iOpus iMacros x
Cookie Manager+ x
User Agent Switcher x
Pixlr Grabber x
Firebug x
GreaseMonkey x
RefControl x
Dradis x



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