User Management on Linux boxes

The following command examples demonstrate user management functions on Linux systems cialis generika kaufen rezeptfrei bestellen.  The command is bolded with the parameters italized.  Type the bolded parts as they appear and replace the italized sections with your data.  For more information on each command, use man commandname.

Create a user

adduser username

Create a group

addgroup groupname

Show all users on a system

cat /etc/passwd

Show all groups on a system

cat /etc/group

Show which groups a user belongs to

groups username

Add a user to an additional group

adduser username groupname

Remove a user from a group

gpasswd -d username groupname

Remove an account from a system

userdel username

To remove the home folder at the same time

userdel -r username 

To delete a group

groupdel groupname

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